Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ben Sheets for 10M?!?!

Ok so my buddy is an A's fan so I decided to write a blurb on this and yeah I know it is an semi-old topic but it is the only thing I have to comment on about the A's so far. TEN MILLION!!!! (&@#$^#)$*^#)$^*)@^#@ Is it me are did that guy not pitch at all last season? He didnt even throw 1 FRIKIN pitch and he gets 10M. Granted before he got hurt Sheets actually started looking like a decent pitcher so instead of being hateful, let us look up the stats.

08 198innings 3.09ERA 158Ks
07 141innings 3.82ERA 106Ks
06 106innings 3.82ERA 116Ks

What can we extrapolate from this? NOT 10Million!?!? This contract isn't even incentive laden, it is just straught up. Now can we say Mark Prior? I hope I am wrong, but Sheets is ALWAYS hurt, and he has never gone 200innings. I mean Pedro is still out there if you wanted a pitcher who is always hurt...

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