Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monta is not an All-Star...again...

David Stern passed over puting Monta into the all star game last night, and what did Monta do in response? He went for 46 against the Mavs. What was more dissapointing about the 46 was that CJ Watson decided to try to call his own number to close out the game and proceeded to make brick after brick along with a couple of turn overs. With maybe a smarter PG on the court like say CURRY maybe Monta goes for 50 easily. The problem I guess is that Curry is ICE cold right now, but for the sake of development, KEEP HIM IN NELSON!!! As for my take on Monta not being an allstar, it is what it long as the W's continue to have Cohan at the top of the tree, Bad Luck with lay firmly on the shoulders of this team.

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