Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick, TRADE MONTA for expiring contracts

So the Warriors lost to the Mavericks last night. That is not new, but what was new is Curry actually looking like he can drive and distribute. I don't remember this happening for some time now if ever. If this is going to start being the norm, and Cohan wants to save money anyways, it is time to PUNT MONTA NOW!!! Curry needs this to be his show for him to bust out. He is really good now, but the sky is the limit. As for the game, I actually was there and it wasn't too bad of a game. CJ is just awful and i would get rid of him and try to keep Coby Karl since he is just as bad at shooting but better at passing. Biedrins looks like a shadow of himself, and Turiaf needs to shoot freethrows better. Monta is good, but a backcourt of Curry and Morrow is SO MUCH BETTER. I don't even mind Magette at the SF, the W's just need to punt Monta now before Curry takes over this team entirely and Monta's trade value is nil. Monta needs to go now, there is no if and or buts.

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