Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can we just blow this team up?

The W's are going nowhere fast, so I thought I would pencil what is supposed to be the future for the w's.

C-Biedrins - almost 10M per UGH
PF-Bwright/Randolph - never plays or headcase
SF-Magette - 10M a year
SG-Monta - 10M a year

So basically it is going to be almost the same team with no superstar in site. I say the W's blow this thing up. Punt Monta, Punt Biedrins...although his value is shot, Punt Magette as much as he had performed quite well this season and I hate to say this, but Punt Don Nelson. Go through some legit growing pains like the trailblazers did, like the thunder and OMG I can't believe I am saying this but the Memphis Grizzlies. Something has got to change.

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