Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Future is NOW...Monta WHO?...W's win again!!!

I'm sorry I keep wanting the W's to punt Monta, but the proof is in the pudding, the W's are better when Monta is not around. Let us throw in Magette into this converstaion, but DAMN when those two are not around, the ball moves around. Even Devan George looks to be a better option, ok I'm just kidding, but seriously the future is NOW. You know who I am talking about...This has got to be Curry's team...Bring in OJ Mayo, bring in anyone to move Monta and Magette's salaries, the W's need Curry to grow like he is doing right now. When Monta is out, they play better. When Monta is out Curry looks more sure of himself, when Monta is out, Curry is a STAR!!! Seriously when Monta is out, Curry looks like the ROY not Tyreke. Tyreke is still good, but seriously he reminds me of Magette. Tonight he was driving, jumping in the air and praying for someone to pass it to. There is not vision, in fact you can argue Evans is like Magette and Monta combined. Curry is NASH, the second coming, Nash 2.0 and this is not a bad thing. I'll take OJ, I'll take almost anyone to dump Monta's salary. Monta will in NOWAY accept Curry as the undisputed #1 of this team and that is why he has to go. Punt Monta now or when Ellison takes the helm, the writing is on the wall...

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