Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ok I lied...and Charles Barkley is right!

Ok I lied, the W's came back against an abismal Pistons team and I am back to my question, Monta WHO? Charles was talking to Tommy T the other day and he said the W's should have traded Monta, since they werent winning with him. I don't know if the W's are going to be any good on the upcoming road trip, but this team has alittle bit of fight in them that is for sure. To Piston fan, I bet you wish you had Chauncey Billups more than I wish the W's still had Baron...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Miss Monta

Yes I miss the guy. I still wish we dumped him for OJ Mayo, but since that didnt happen, I'm really disgusted at the ball movement tonight. I even felt bad for the guy against Denver. He was MIA in the 4th and it was because Nelson went away from him. But back to this game. The W's are down by 2, but the ball movement is SAD, the score is SAD, and Curry could really use a blow. Monta would be really good to slash into the lane. So for today, I miss the guy.

GO W's

Monday, February 22, 2010

If Monta is a star, why did the W's comback without him?

Yes Monta played a hand in the victory, I admit that, but it wasn't him that got this team in the victory position in the first place. And why does he not cheer when his team is coming back? If the walking wounded can cheer why can't he? I think OJ Mayo would cheer. Let us get real, Monta is not a star, he is a very talented player who can get to the rim, but he is not a dude that makes his teammates better. He is a shorter Corey Magette. Magette gets his numbers but he doesnt make this team better. Stephan Curry makes this team better. I really appreciate Larry Riley wanting to see Monta and Curry play together, but when one (Monta) is jealous of the other (Curry) it really is never going to work. So go ahead Monta fans drink that ridiculous cool aid you been drinking and smoke what you have been smoking, but this team is Curry's and they will be much better for it. Great win W's I didn't think Nelson had it in him to bench Monta, maybe he has seen the light.

Friday, February 19, 2010



I mean I respect Monta for what he did on this team, but HIM and CURRY are OIL and WATER and you know what happens when those two things combine. The FRIKIN #2 pick and OJ MAYO. Yes Thabeet is kinda sad, but I would give MONTA up for Mayo by himself if I could. I HATE HATE HATE LARRY RILEY!!! Can we agree if not now, then bookmark this damn post and we can agree later that Monta and Curry just dont work?

I REALLY HOPE I AM WRONG. After all I am just a Scrub who just wants to watch a decent product. Monta must go, seriously if I am wrong I will sing praises and blow the BLOGS up about it, but I am 110% sure that I am right on this one. In fact if I am wrong and Curry and Monta can turn this around together, I will SHUT THIS Blog down.

With Monta back, the W's lose again...

I swear I didnt watch the game, so I am not even going to comment other than the fact the team lost. Sheesh what is it about Monta that lends this team to suck? Magette too, but we all know why they struggle with Magette. I am just boycotting this team for the rest of the season. It is just getting too painful to watch.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Future is NOW...Monta WHO?...W's win again!!!

I'm sorry I keep wanting the W's to punt Monta, but the proof is in the pudding, the W's are better when Monta is not around. Let us throw in Magette into this converstaion, but DAMN when those two are not around, the ball moves around. Even Devan George looks to be a better option, ok I'm just kidding, but seriously the future is NOW. You know who I am talking about...This has got to be Curry's team...Bring in OJ Mayo, bring in anyone to move Monta and Magette's salaries, the W's need Curry to grow like he is doing right now. When Monta is out, they play better. When Monta is out Curry looks more sure of himself, when Monta is out, Curry is a STAR!!! Seriously when Monta is out, Curry looks like the ROY not Tyreke. Tyreke is still good, but seriously he reminds me of Magette. Tonight he was driving, jumping in the air and praying for someone to pass it to. There is not vision, in fact you can argue Evans is like Magette and Monta combined. Curry is NASH, the second coming, Nash 2.0 and this is not a bad thing. I'll take OJ, I'll take almost anyone to dump Monta's salary. Monta will in NOWAY accept Curry as the undisputed #1 of this team and that is why he has to go. Punt Monta now or when Ellison takes the helm, the writing is on the wall...

OJ for Monta HELL YES!!!!

The problem with this deal, is the Warriors said NO, probably NO 1000 times, but i say YES YES YES!!! Why? Get Curry at PG Mayo at SG Morrow maybe at SF or backup SG Randolph at SF/PF Wright at PF and whoever at Center...sounds good to me. Why not blow this thing up since the management did the blowing up already, and start over ala OKC. Let us take some real lumps like losing while giving the young team a chance to grow together. This keeping Monta for the sake of selling tickets is BAD. If that is what they wanted, they should have never gotten rid of JRICH, Baron, MP, Barnes, Jackson, I need to go on? Let us start new and fresh and show some direction...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Curry's Career Night leads to the question...Who Needs Monta?

Or Magette for that matter...Damn the W's were on hit tonight, crazy ball movement lead to open buckets. No standing around looking at Ellis or Magette going one on one. But the star of the show was Curry. And I suggested before this post that the W's punt Monta, it even screams louder now. CJ should be the backup, Morrow should be the SG, and Curry needs to dominate the ball. If the W's brass did not see it before they should see it now. Yes the Clips suck, but the W's ball movement was crazy good tonight, and that is how it can look without Monta. Congrats Curry you are MONEY!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick, TRADE MONTA for expiring contracts

So the Warriors lost to the Mavericks last night. That is not new, but what was new is Curry actually looking like he can drive and distribute. I don't remember this happening for some time now if ever. If this is going to start being the norm, and Cohan wants to save money anyways, it is time to PUNT MONTA NOW!!! Curry needs this to be his show for him to bust out. He is really good now, but the sky is the limit. As for the game, I actually was there and it wasn't too bad of a game. CJ is just awful and i would get rid of him and try to keep Coby Karl since he is just as bad at shooting but better at passing. Biedrins looks like a shadow of himself, and Turiaf needs to shoot freethrows better. Monta is good, but a backcourt of Curry and Morrow is SO MUCH BETTER. I don't even mind Magette at the SF, the W's just need to punt Monta now before Curry takes over this team entirely and Monta's trade value is nil. Monta needs to go now, there is no if and or buts.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Peyton is no Joe

Man I swear this past week the only thing I could hear is Peyton is better than Joe...BLAH BLAH BLAH... In a game that was supposed to vault Manning into the next echelon of QB supremecy, he performed pretty good by throwing for 300 yards, but he did throw a INT and his team lost. Joe doesnt lose, Joe doesnt throw pics and Joe wins. Peyton might have nice #s, but give me a break... Peyton plays in an era when there might be 4 top teams...2 in the AFC and 2 in the NFC. Joe played in an era where almost everyteam was tough to beat...ok well except the Rams...maybe next year Peyton, but even if you win then, you are no Joe...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monta is not an All-Star...again...

David Stern passed over puting Monta into the all star game last night, and what did Monta do in response? He went for 46 against the Mavs. What was more dissapointing about the 46 was that CJ Watson decided to try to call his own number to close out the game and proceeded to make brick after brick along with a couple of turn overs. With maybe a smarter PG on the court like say CURRY maybe Monta goes for 50 easily. The problem I guess is that Curry is ICE cold right now, but for the sake of development, KEEP HIM IN NELSON!!! As for my take on Monta not being an allstar, it is what it long as the W's continue to have Cohan at the top of the tree, Bad Luck with lay firmly on the shoulders of this team.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ben Sheets for 10M?!?!

Ok so my buddy is an A's fan so I decided to write a blurb on this and yeah I know it is an semi-old topic but it is the only thing I have to comment on about the A's so far. TEN MILLION!!!! (&@#$^#)$*^#)$^*)@^#@ Is it me are did that guy not pitch at all last season? He didnt even throw 1 FRIKIN pitch and he gets 10M. Granted before he got hurt Sheets actually started looking like a decent pitcher so instead of being hateful, let us look up the stats.

08 198innings 3.09ERA 158Ks
07 141innings 3.82ERA 106Ks
06 106innings 3.82ERA 116Ks

What can we extrapolate from this? NOT 10Million!?!? This contract isn't even incentive laden, it is just straught up. Now can we say Mark Prior? I hope I am wrong, but Sheets is ALWAYS hurt, and he has never gone 200innings. I mean Pedro is still out there if you wanted a pitcher who is always hurt...