Friday, January 29, 2010

Boo Stephen Jackson if you want...

I am taking a different approach to his arrival. As much as I have been enjoying watching the W's this season(ok not really), I am boycotting tonights game. Not because the team sucks, but because SJax is back and he has left a scar in my heart. After being welcomed with open arms, the guy took the money and ran. I have no ill will to JRich, Harrington, MP, Barnes, Baron or anyone else from that team that actually made it to the playoffs, but Jackson hits home. In this day and age where we are stuggling to make a living, Jackson getting his contract, then pouting like a baby to get the hell out of dodge really disturbs the hell out of me. So I hope Oracle BOOs the hell out of him and I hope the W's do something about defending there home court tonight.