Friday, January 29, 2010

Ok I lied...The Warriors lose to a real NBA team...

I found myself watching the game. I don't know what is up with Curry, being a PG doesn't mean let us bring it up the floor and make a lazy pass. Monta is playing an ok game, he seems to be forcing the issue alittle. Also can I buy a Anthony Morrow? early season version? 3-13 or whatever after 3qtrs is just not going to cut it. Give the Bobcats credit, they are a REAL NBA team. Not this crap that we are rolling out. Radmonovic? seriously that is what we got for Stephen Jackson...BARF...Tolliver? Please stop shooting 3s!!! PLEASE!!! and ANYONE who thinks CJ is any good is RETARDED!!! Can I get last season's Biedrins? Can Monta start practicing his FTs instead of that stupid circus shot? and Can Ronny buy a FT? just one...I wish Curry stops turning it on when the game is already out of reach, he seems to be getting very good at that.

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