Friday, April 2, 2010

Maybe Morrow and Reggie Williams can coexsist...The W's WIN!!!

I got to admit, I left Morrow for dead...but with a very WEAK defensive team in the New York Knicks, Morrow ate them up. Reggie was his usual efficient self, Curry looked gassed and forced up a bunch of shots, but Morrow was the man of the hour. If Morrow can keep this up, the W's might need to reconsider the Raja Bell signing. Morrow is younger, hungrier, and still has some "UPSIDE". That last Assist they scored for David Lee was CRAP, but I will take a win anyday...damn the scorekeepers. One thing I did notice was my Teenage Ninja Turtle friend Al Harrington kinda looks like crap now. It actually wasn't Al's fault he got ridden out of town, but if you look at his limitation tonight, you know that he just isn't worth the money. I'm glad Nelson pulled the plug on Curry in the 4th after he kept shooting the ball reluctantly not trying to find Morrow. CJ does have his limitations, but when the guy is that on fire, YOU NEED TO FIND HIM!!! Yes this means you Curry. Finally, I'm sorry for this rambling, but I just want to give credit where credit is due, and if Morrow can do 1/2 of this against defenses that actually are trying to stop him, it looks like we should consider keeping him around alittle bit longer.

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